Photography is the ultimate lifestyle business.

Let me show you how to create a jet-setting photo business that gives you total freedom, fabulous clients, and an “are-you kidding-me-this-is-my-life?” life.

Maybe you’ll summer in Europe, hopping from a photo shoot in Ibiza to a location scout in Florence (with a few days in Positano for a little personal time, because once you’ve spent an afternoon on the Amalfi Coast , you know where they are hiding heaven on Earth). Maybe you’ll decide to spend a month in Paris living, working and OF COURSE EATING like a local before popping over to New York for a few days of urban fabulous photoshoots and catching up with friends. Maybe you’ll rent a car and cruise around the rocky mountains or through the English countryside with a few client days and a few days to wander appreciating the incredible charm and beauty of the World.

Photographer, this is no dream. Though sometimes, you may want to pinch yourself… just to make sure.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Travel the world, one photo shoot at a time

Today, I spend more than 30 weeks of the year exploring the places in the world I want to see.


I spend weeks at a time living in global cities like Paris, London, Florence, Sydney, NY, LA and Miami. My work takes me to places like Ibiza, Provence, St. Tropez, Tulum, Panama. I work in the Pacific Northwest, New England, the Rocky Mountains and countless places in between.

I shoot 10 days a month on average, charging a premium price and I still have the ability to over-deliver — in a way that feels grounded and generous, and no longer depletes me.  My clients rave about my work, and regularly thank me for helping them see themselves in a way they have always felt but never seen, as beautiful and open.

My competent team handles the work that used to keep me tethered to my laptop in the early days.

I pack a mean suitcase, am obsessed with outfit planning – because life is too short not to take your clients out to two star Michelin restaurants when in Europe…

And I’m just aching to teach you how I did it, so you can do it, too.

The Business of


May I be blunt? Having a life like this has is not just about the quality of your photos, or how hard you work. It has everything to do with knowing how to do marketing and grow a business.

If you want to create a photography business that lets you travel, see the world, and gives you all kinds of freedom that most people only dream of, consider working with me.  I’ll teach you what you need to know – and what you need to do – to make it happen.

Photographer, Work with me on your business and you’ll walk away with:

  • Confidence in your ability to earn an income as a personal brand photographer
  • Unique, high-end packages that are intelligently priced
  • Clear-headedness about what makes your work unique
  • A distinction between the work you love
  • Knowing who your clients are and what they really want from you
  • Making sure you deliver an experience + final product your clients adore and will RAVE about
  • A step-by-step marketing plan and action steps to generate leads now – and the ability to generate more leads whenever you want them
  • Proven-to-work sales conversation guides, marketingtemplatesand systems to free you up to get out of the office and out taking photos!
  • Pro tips for everything from location scouting and telling stories with your photos, to marketing, client delight and creating raving fans and repeat customers
  • Exclusive tricks and tips for creating successful Personal Brand Photos –from posing to props to bringing out what makes your clients unique

What is included

in the Business of Personal Brand Photography Mentorship

Mentorship is custom tailored to meet you where you are… and more importantly, where you want to go in your future. After our kick-off call, I’ll design a personalized curriculum for you. Your unique curriculum may include lessons on topics like: how to create a package that appeals to your ideal client, how to market your work effectively, turning inquiries into sales, creating efficient systems that allow you to do more of the work you love, organizing your time and resources to best support a lifestyle of freedom and deep satisfaction, or how to create magazine quality images that capture what makes your client unique.

Option No1

The Day in the Life Mentorship

The Day in the Life Mentorship is designed to give you a taste of what it feels like to kick ass and have fun while successfully capturing and curating a Personal Branding Photoshoot that will leave your clients raving! Join me in Paris, London, Florence, San Francisco, LA or New York  (just a few of my 2018 destinations) for a day long intensive custom designed to give your business the magic sauce it needs. From seeing how I work with clients and having your own opportunity to photograph an ideal client to crafting an actionable marketing plan to learning how to sell like a boss, the day long intensive will leave you energized and ready to take on the adventure of crafting your own dream career. We’ll start with a “let’s get this party started” kick off call and have a follow up “Implement Baby, Implement” call two weeks following your Big Day!

Option No2

Exclusive one-to-one Mentoring

Exclusive Private one to one Mentoring is designed to give you maximum accountability and weekly action steps custom designed to your growth. Over the course of your mentorship, you and I will meet 6 times for sessions, for an hour each. In these private conversations, we might talk about a key topic, create an offer that appeals to your ideal client and market it, turn inquiries into sales, create efficient systems that allow you to do more of the work you love, organize your time and resources to best serve your life and business or write marketing that inspires action. I may invite you to do something – think practice or reflection, not homework assignments — between meetings.


You’ll also receive my exclusive Art +Business of Personal Brand Photography Handbook, a complete 65 page booklet that covers everything you need to know about marketing, sales, and client satisfaction in this business. Finally, you’ll have access to my private clients-only email address throughout your mentorship, so when a question comes up, I’ll help you answer it.

Curious about Personal Brand Photography Business Mentorship?

Super! I work with a handful of photographers at any given time. If you’re thinking about it, the first step is to set up a time to chat. I can answer any questions you might have, we’ll see if we’re a fit, and I’ll let you know when the next open spot opens up.

Your Investment


( or 3 monthly payments of $1,250)