Brand Photography with Megan Belinda Ludwig and Michael James Schreck in Montreal

What do you get when you combine two veteran experts of the high end food and wine industry with a design sensibility and romantic chemistry? Megan Belinda Ludwig and Michael James Schreck are the dynamo duo who want to remind us all that the kitchen is not only the heart of the home but can be the heart of your family and of your community. With a 21st century love story that will make anyone smile, these two are taking their expertise in usage (Michael, a gourmet chef and sommelier by training) and in design (Megan, an interior designer and all around business bada**) to create a new way of building connection by designing kitchens that not only are practical and beautiful but draw us together. Using their soon to be opened design studio in Boulder as a ground zero for their vision, you can stop by to imagine what tiles and counters and cabinet would delight you as well as take a class in understanding wine while nibbling on charcuterie. Drop in, wherever Michael and Megan are, you’ll feel welcome!

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